We want our machines to be as versatile as possible, that’s why they come with a high number of positions for feeders and trays. This allows us to practically eliminate the need to separate the assembly process into several phases or to use a number of machines.

High efficiency

The worktop area has at least 4 JEDEC tray positions available at all times, regardless of the size of the pcb. For small pcbs, this number increases to a maximum of 6 available positions.
A self-loading system for trays is in the making.


Can work with specific holders for plastic reel tapecut (12mm or wider, maximum height 20mm). Also supports any kind of custom tray.

Tailored for you

We are able to easily produce any type of custom nozzle you might need.


Ensuring the maximum placement accuracy and repeatability is one of our cornerstones. For this reason, our pick&place machines come out equipped with the best and state-of-the-art technological features, which also guarantee toughness and reliability.

  • Linear encoders featuring micrometric resolution on each axis
  • Axis movement with isostatic transmission
    Our patented isostatic transmission system assures both durability and reliability, minimising wear and eliminating the negative effects of thermal expansion, while offering the highest precision.
  • 4 high-precision, general purpose heads
    With direct theta-drive (rotation axis resolution: 0.018°). No belts or transmissions are involved, which ensures that the nominal resolution is real.
    Each module can handle chip, transistors, QFPs, BGAs etc. equally.
  • Side view cameras
    Components up to 12 x 12mm are inspected and aligned with high-resolution side view cameras (one per head), which also allows pick validation and automatic thickness measurement.
  • Touch sensors for self-adjusting height and deposit pressure control. Components are handled with due delicacy: no abnormal crushing guaranteed.

Easy of use

On the one hand, our software boasts quick project setup: all of the procedures are assisted, user friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use. Most operations, including the entire package learning process, have been fully automated.
While on the other hand, our smart feeder packs dramatically reduce operator set up time, thus ensuring rapid task changes.

Smart Feeder Packs

For reels and sticks. Quick component installation, easy to plug in and unplug.

  • Each pack has 10 reel positions
  • Can handle 2mm or 4mm pitch reels indifferently (even tapecuts), with no need to change any mechanical parts
  • Tapecut management with 0 component loss guaranteed
  • High-repeatability linear advancing system
  • Up to 7 reel positions each, depending on reel width (e.g. 4 slots for 16mm reels)
  • Modular, easy to reconfigure. Any tape width can be handled by simply replacing the gear wheels with an easy, assisted procedure. The feeder pack will automatically recognize the new configuration.
  • Handles tapecut with 0 losses
  • Can hold up to 12 sticks each. The system is modular and re-configurable.
  • The pneumatic advancing system works independently for each stick. No vibration is induced on adjacent components, thus small and big components can be mixed together in adjoining positions.

Swift software

For a swift user experience

  • Wide range of features and options, long term supported updates
  • Universal cad importer
  • Virtual pcb for an easy and intuitive polarity validation; complete virtual view of current machine setup
  • Advanced customer part number and internal part number management. The same internal part number can be associated to many customer part numbers, even by different customers, and automatically retrieved when a new project is created.
  • Advanced top-side/bottom-side management and phases management (up to 3)
  • Lightweight, dynamic and extendible package library. Creating a new package is extremely simple and almost completely automated
  • Automatic nozzle recognition
  • Industry 4.0 ready, with full traceability and advanced permit management
  • Large range of tools for technical assistance. Each part of the machine is fully monitored: this also allows fully remote technical assistance in most cases